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I joined Codewars just over two weeks ago, on the 17th last month, and it’s been a lot of fun! I’ve been focusing on Ruby because it’s what Makers is interested in but it’s OK, I feel like I could switch to JavaScript just as easily if the situation required it - having completed most of the JavaScript Fundamentals section of a “Free Coding Bootcamp Prep” course, I believe that I have a decent grasp of the, er, fundamentals.

Without much difficulty I since have reached 5 kyu and I have the profile badge to prove it ;)

Up to this point, I haven’t needed to think too deeply to solve the kata. It looks like 5 kyu onwards is when things start getting serious. My usual approach has been to read the brief and dive in to implement a step-by-step solution based on the brief, but that doesn’t quite work so well anymore. Now I’m going to have to really think about the problem!