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Failing Faster

2 minute read

That’s not pessimism talking. A long time ago, an Extra Credits episode introduced me to the idea. It’s an idea that really resonates with me because I feel ...

Thoughts on the TV License

1 minute read

The “number of televisions”* line got my attention. It was in a comment on a Facebook post that was talking about the TV License. If anyone cares, here are m...


REVIEW: Goosebumps Alive

less than 1 minute read

I saw Goosebumps Alive and wrote a review on their Facebook page. The Vaults are an amazing venue…

REVIEW: The Park (no spoilers)

2 minute read

I did actually preorder this game so I got it on launch day and spent a few hours with it. I guess Funcom can’t be accused of misrepresentation - the second ...


TECH: VR Headsets

3 minute read

More than the mere virtual reality proclaimed by industry commentators, we’ve segued in a big way into augmented reality with the massive success of Pokémon ...