Talking My Way Out Of An Internship

1 minute read

So I did get feedback on that Technology Internship I applied for. I thought the video interview went well. In a sense it did but it seems I talked my way out of the job :(

Here’s the feedback:

We thought you demonstrated a good, logical thought process and you had some good answers – we particularly liked your answer about changing technical answers into non-technical language – but we had a concern about whether this would be the right internship for you, as we got the impression your interests lie in developing.

The internship was in IT vendor management. Maybe I might have succeeeded if I left out my developer ambitions. It’s good feedback and I’m glad to receive it so I know how to do better for future interviews.

I appreciate the feedback and their honesty but maybe I was a little too honest myself. I guess I was hoping they would appreciate someone open to new ideas and keen to broaden their horizons. Maybe I might have decided after this internship that IT vendor management was what I wanted to do going forward. Perhaps we’ll never know.

The recruiter explained in a web conference for applicants that this internship would involve working with different areas of the business across their London offices, so I was hoping I might have got the chance to meet one of their developers.

So yes, my interests do “lie in developing”. No sense denying it. Next stop, coding bootcamp. Makers is a little inaccessible right now due to the £8000 upfront cost. Instead, I’m looking at Flatiron School because even though they cost more, they only ask for the deposit upfront.